About Us

Excellent Chemicals Industrial Sdn Bhd (154612-P) or ‘Excellent Chemicals’ is a manufacturer of industrial adhesives, sealants and coatings in Malaysia. The company was established in 1986.

Excellent Chemicals have progressed over the last 30 years. The company now manufacture solvent and water based adhesives, building and construction sealants and anti-rust coatings for various industries like building and construction, interior decoration, furniture, sofa, mattresses and automotive industries.

Excellent Chemicals offers a wide range of high performance and quality adhesive for building, construction, landscape, flooring, tiling, sanitary and roofing repairs and maintenance. Excellent Chemicals water-based construction adhesive provides you a lasting bond for construction and wood-working projects.
  Excellent Chemicals Bitumen Compound have special adhesive components to ensure the appropriate level of flexibility and wind/water resistance on roof and gutters in areas exposed to variable and harsh weather conditions.

Excellent Chemicals anti-rust underseal is specially formulated for rust prevention, abrasive resistant and sound deadening properties. Excellent Chemicals also offers anti-rust black bitumen paint and radiator paint.

Excellent Chemicals Industrial Sdn Bhd is an ISO9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System company by UKAS. The company exported 30 percent of its products to ASEAN countries.