GLOBESEAL 2.5KG Bintumen Compound

GLOBESEAL 2.5KG Bintumen Compound


Product Description


Globeseal is for sealing leaks on roof and gutter. This is a one part bitumen sealant that offer excellent adhesion, outstanding durability for general sealing application.


Outstanding durability. One part no mixing required. Weather proof. Low shringkage. No sagging. Primerless adhesion to most materials.

For sealing crack in concrete, bricks, asbestos sheet etc.

  1. Clean out crack of any dust or loose material.
  2. Fill crack with bitumen sealing compund using a knife or trowel.

For stopping leak round the heads of nails on roof sheets.

  1. Apply a coat of bitumen sealing compound round the heads of nails with a stiff brush

For repairing holes on roof sheet.

  1. Apply a coating of bitumen sealing compound round the hole.
  2. Cover the hole with a piece of cloth
  3. Paint over the cloth with bitumen sealing comppound.